Look Maricar Reyes nagsalita na tungkol sa pangangaliwa sa Asawa


One of the best and hardest feeling ever is being in a relationship. Because you know that there is someone who loves you and always there for you is the best feeling that you will feel.

And its also the hardest because there are many things that may happen while the two of you were in a relationship. There are many things that you will experience while you were in a relationship. Heartaches, pain, jealousy, and sometimes, insecurity to the people who you believe are better than you, are the things that you will experience in a relationship.


But sometimes because you feel more ‘kilig’ to the new person than to the one who you are currently in a relationship with, you will think and feel like leaving your relationship behind for another person.

We get to feel like all we do in a relationship won’t do any harm and hurt for your other half most of the time. And while doing things that might harm and hurt your partner, we sometimes think that we are innocence we are not guilty of what we do.


While we don’t mind much about what we do because we are always mindful of the things that our other half do. But, there are times that we will face the hardest part of being in a relationship which is to face the temptation that going through us.

To keep your faithfulness to the one who you choose to be committed where sometimes harder for us because of the temptation that comes to us. Each of us surely faced temptations. There are some who were tempted and fell doing a wrong act that would destroy your relationship or it could make it a lot stronger while there are still some people who able to overcome it.

There are some people who said that they were tempted once and was able to fix the mistake that they have done while there are some who won’t tell that they were tempted and they were able to make a mistake. However, all you need is to correct the mistake that you will make in a relationship.

Just like the phenomenal star, Maricar Reyes who is just one of the people who admitted her mistake that she also one of the people who once tempted but was able to overcome it. She is a wife of Richard Poon, who is half of the Chinese-Filipino singer and songwriter.

At the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa City on June 2013 the celebrity couple get married. However, even before the couples got married in 2013, they already faced a lot of struggles.

Being faithful in their relationship was one of the biggest struggles that they had. Maricar was brave enough to say that she also had made a mistake in the past that made their relationship even stronger and it made both of them realized that they really need each other’s arms to overcome all the problem that they face in their relationship.

Recently, Maricar had been circulating all over the internet as netizens saw her new blog about ‘Relationship Matters’. In the said blog, she shared that while she is in a relationship, she casually text her friend in the past.

She believed that she was ‘innocent’ and she was doing nothing wrong. Maricar said.

“I was becoming emotionally tangled with Steve”. Looking back, this wasn’t as harmless as I thought, Would I be OK, if my boyfriend was exchanging messages with a girl that he had some ‘kilig’ for? It’s absolutely NOT OK. I would feel uncomfortable or even betrayed. So it was unfair of me to do it to him.

And to make sure that the both of them would not make the same mistake and wrongdoings in the future, Maricar decided to talk to Richard about this matter. Maricar told!

“[We] tell each other in detail who we are attracted to. Admitting the truth makes the kilig emotions less powerful. Hiding it from each other makes them stronger!

What can you say about her opinion about unfaithfulness based on her experienced? do you appreciate the wisdom shared by Maricar Reyes? Kindly share and give your comments and reactions to us.

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