Dinala Ni judy Ann Santos Ang Kanyang Mga Anak Sa Probinsya At Pinaranas Kung Pano Ang Buhay Doon


The Actress Judy Ann Santos shared in her Instagram account that she and her children are enjoying the life in the province. As Luna Agoncilio the two-year-old and her mom was strolling and as they approached the chickens, Juday asked Luna to where they were headed and Luna charmingly responded, “to the quack quack!” that made her mom giggle.

Luna has a very bright smile at photos taken of her; and as they meet a flock of chickens luna became excited. With the encouragement of her the actress, she let her daughter stroke the white chicken while a man holds it. And as for her older brother Lucio, he also stroked the chicken briefly and also the both of them tried to feed the hens. Lucio Agoncilio was seen doing “Haka”(from the Netherlands) from a video, the little boy looked dashing and was loudly shouting while trying to imitate the moves of the prominent war dance.

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