Hinamo Na Ni Kris Aquino Ng Sabunutan Si Mocha Uson Ng Babae Sa Babae


After the Presidential Communications Group Assistant Secretary for Social Media, Mocha Uson,  has involved Ninoy Aquino and former president, Cory Aquino in the issues of dictatorship and President Duterte’s infamous kiss, Kris Aquino cannot remain silent.

The Queen of All Media has something after her scathing message to Uson. Kris Aquino says that she is ready for fights, woman to woman. She also invited Mocha Uson to re-create the ‘sampalan’ scene in the movie “Four Sisters and a Wedding” wherein Mocha was slapped, dragged down the stairs and was almost punched. But, this time, Kris is willing to give her time to experience what Mocha had in the movie, just for the sake of her parents’ peace. As Kris said ” I can stand alone. But, stop it. Stop doing this to two people who have never hurt you.” Kris firmly stands for her parents, knowing that they do not deserve libel from Mocha Uson. Now, Kris Aquino has fiercely impose a direct challenge to Mocha to face her.

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