Rina Navarro nagsalita na tungkol sa pang aagaw ni Ara Mina sa kanyang Fiance


Rina Navarro has learned that there is something more painful than losing a loved one, and that is the tormenting pain of betrayal. A lot of women has been uplifted by Rina’s words as she indirectly talk about his fiance, a governor, who cheated on him with thr actress Ara Mina. As the hurting woman wrote for every woman, “You deserve respect and love. Always. And if this is not given to you, You have the power to give it to yourself.” Rina Navarro also shared his painful experience when she was widowed at the age of 25, but was able to find love again.

It seemed like a fairytale to her, until things have gone blurry and she was left cheated on. But still, she continues to believe in God’s plan, and in love as well. To end the testimony, she has addressed the people who have hurt her, who may be her ex-fiance and Ara Mina, thanking them for the pain they caused. In her own words, “You might have broken my heart, but you have not crushed my spirit. So thank you, because in truth, what you have done to me, might have just saved me, without you knowing it.” Today marks Rina’s 30th day in the journey, and truly her words of kindness has killed her rivals. Rina did not only spoke for herself, but also for every woman whose heart has been broken in any way.

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