Mag Isang Hinarap Ni John Lloyd Cruz Ang MGa Kaso Laban Kay Ellen Adarna


The controversial photos, followed by the withdrawal of John Lloyd Cruz from the showbiz industry has caused him to lose some fans and get criticized, but also, there are fans that misses and longs for the actor’s return. Well, the heartthrob actor was spotted at Pasig City Office of the Prosecutor with Ellen Adarna’s legal councel and is said to be handling the legal matters for his partner, Ellen Adarna. It can be remembered that Adarna was involved in an issue with a minor who she has accused of being a paparazzi. The parents then pressed charges at the actress of child abuse and cybercrime.

As MJ Felipe has reported, JCL attends the preliminary investigation for the case, together with the complaining party. The process took 30 minutes and was then, rescheduled after two weeks by the respondent’s request. The netizens have seen the actor’s act as running errands for the beloved mother of his child. Ellen Adarna is currently pregnant with John Lloyd Cruz’s first child and is nearing labor. It may also be the reason why she didn’t attend the preliminary investigation.

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