Babaeng Palaboy at May Kapansanan sa Pag-iisip Ayaw Ipamigay ang Kasisilang Lamang Niyang Anak


There is no limit to the love of a mother even though she experiences difficulties in raising her children. Recently, a woman with a disability and a disabled woman thinks she is just getting a baby boy and does everything to take care of it well despite her disability and lack of proper living.

Even though she is depressing, she still wants to care for and raise her child.

In today’s modern era that infants born out of unwanted pregnancies are abandoned and have no heart thrown in the garbage, a mother once did not think to give up her child despite the hardships her life had ever experienced.

According to the woman, her child has given her life a meaning and she will do everything to raise the child in her care.

A netizen named Honey Stepie posted pictures of the girl and her baby after birth on Facebook. The picture shows the woman who enjoys watching her offspring sleep.

Meanwhile, the location where the woman lives can not be identified but the post is clear from the Philippines.

The internet post has been spreading and viral, many netizens have been concerned about the condition of the baby due to the condition of the mother and the concern that it can not properly improve the child.

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