Pumanaw ang Nanay na Ito Isang Linggo Matapos Maipanganak ang Kanyang Anak, Gustong Idemanda ng Pamilya ang Asawa Nang Malaman Nila ang Dahilan maraming netizen ang talaga namang nalungkot ng mabasa nila ito.


then, many thinking that always more nakatatas a son than daughter. then also, often observed of daughters-in-law the charge or commands of parents-in-law them. nakakalungot think that there is still people thinking without the right a woman in her life and should be obedient him in his be new family when married whatsoever happens. the women this is one of them and the tragic story him. Lisa is a 35 years old woman and born he has a very good baby girl in October. after birth, Lisa is given health supplements doctor to speed up his recovery and for well give him affiliate nutrients when magpapa-breastfeed him in his son. recommended also doctor stay first him to hospital a few days to be able to monitor him. However, his mother-in-law and the husband is not agree with recommended a doctor, especially his mother-in-law that said with Lisa: “it is a natural childbirth. there is no need for you to stay in the hospital any longer. you can just go back home tomorrow. that dissapoint also Lisa’s heard his words from mother-in-law. at that moment, requested a woman who would have included thanks his own mother than its insensitibong mother-in-law. in the next day, his wife was forced him to discharged from hospital earlier.” our home is better than the hospital, “said his wife. when ask the wife of Lisa of early discharge, did not allow the doctor decision they reason not yet chronic Lisa from birth and need more him to monitor. but, sure that his wife and mother-in-law in their decision that bring home Lisa as possible.” it is just the same routine for Lisa and her baby. another day in the hospital would cost more money while we can just take care of her and home like you do here, “said mother-in-law doctor. but, when bring home Lisa, it is not rested well. important to a new mother the rest to able to recover and completely healed his body from birth. but, opposite also happened with Lisa. when he had to go, immediately he pinatulong to chores. nor naaalagaang good’s Lisa her newborn baby. always just he makes chores hence losing her time feed his son. wasn’t like his wife and mother-in-law the idea that receive inmate because costly just raw this money and hence raw do Lisa’s all. even know also his wife named Lisa is hard to do the work due to the conditions that, he thought so that it should be doing Lisa’s as husband. bored also Lisa because he never heard of his wife. sometimes, naisipang settle Lisa’s his own mother in their home but afraid he might have friction between them his mother-in-law. one day, felt Lisa of ‘unusual tired. hurt his head apparently you will burst it any time. thus, he said that eat first his wife and mother-in-law while he also shall be just the room. but, when he got the room, suddenly he fainting. suddenly turn cry baby because hungry it, hence shout mother-in-law:” her baby is crying and yet she can still continue sleeping. useless woman! “instead to go the child, his mother-in-law and his wife will continue to eat. then they eat, crying still the child. cry also mother-in-law:” Hey Wash the dishes! “but remained still not answering Lisa. started turn fear the wife of Lisa that may have occurred when bad him, thus he went in the room. entered him, he saw Lisa on the floor, steady and also not breathing. immediately also he ask for help. Unfortunately, Lisa died when he came to the hospital. exposed analysis named Lisa suffered excess fatigue and stress that resulted the decline of his heart. his wife’ not believe that gone Lisa is napahagul-goal.” forgive me, Lisa. it was all my fault. forgive me, I was wrong … “repentance he while crying. the parents turn’s Lisa came to the hospital and discovers that their son is dead. to know the reason, they don’t mapigilin that angry the wife of Lisa and mother-in-law and pinagdesisyunan yet they charge them in court. should just be punished the wife of Lisa and his mother-in-law due to being selfish they and expiration ignore the condition of Lisa. this story is saying that being selfish will never nakakalutas anything. the fact that never heard of wife and mother-in-law Lisa even if they know that weak yet it shows that they are insensitbo and irresponsible him. while some say that should only serve the wife they and follow all commands, important also point out that the practice that it is not conducted at the time now. in addition to a wife should not be considered as a property. to imagine your marry someone just treated as a household. it violates the right a wife and it is also not following the importance of an institution of marriage.

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