Malaking Sakripisyo ang Ginagawa ng Ama Araw-araw Para Mahatiran ng Pagkain sa Eskwela ang kanyang Anak.


Mang Berto alone brings up two kids, Lily and Kate. Despite the fact that they were harder it didn’t make her desert her kids. So even worn out and still at night work still constrained her to go up against a dad’s obligation. Multi day before going to class, the kids requested a lunch, giving him a drink. The most youthful was happily acknowledged by the most youthful. Yet, his oldest child asked, “Why, for what reason do you simply give us a pardoning? My cohorts, I’m certain they are. “The dad was dismal,” I’m sad I’m a child, not exactly as much as my dad’s compensation. I’ll send you nourishment there this evening. “The tyke did only went to class. With the dad, they are simply strolling the distant school. It was late morning and Kate promptly observed the dad strolling under the trap of the day conveying their lunchbox.

“Kate ayan na naman papa mo! Tagahatid ng lunchbox!” panloloko ng bully niyang classmates. Kung minsan ay nahihiya na rin siya dahil dito. Kaya naman nang iabot nito sa kanya ang lunchbox ay nakasimangot niyang tinanggihan. Nawala ang ngiti sa mukha ng ama niya, “Bakit?” “Ayoko na pong kumain papa!” sigaw ng bata.

“Ha? Pero magugutom ka anak.”

“Try not to try and take my lunch here. My schoolmates snicker at me! “Mang Berto moaned,” Do not think what others are stating. What’s critical is that your sibling won’t be eager. “Be that as it may, Kate did not hear it out, rather the fatherbox took the lunchbox from the dad’s hand and broke it before it,” It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re eager, don’t chuckle at others! ” There his dad was irate, “For what reason did you squander your nourishment, Kate ?!” It was not a mystery and got some distance from the dad, “Kate! At the point when Kate left, she saw the most youthful sibling on the edge of a classroom, “For what reason did you do that to Papa?” “You couldn’t care less!” “You couldn’t care less about Papa!” Shouted at him, ” Do you know why he is still at lunch for us? “” I couldn’t care less about Dad. We can take our lunchbox tomorrow morning-“” Because she has no cash toward the beginning of the day! “Kate was bewildered at Lily’s words. “At twelve he had spent his product. With the goal that’s the place he can cook nourishment. What’s more, regardless of whether Papa was not sleeping, he was all the while attempting to stroll on a confounding day just to bring us lunch, ate. “Kate bowed, running toward the dad and asking for too bad. From that point forward he has been profoundly thankful for any dad’s exculpate.

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Malaking Sakripisyo ang Ginagawa ng Ama Para Mahatiran ng Pagkain sa Eskwela ang Anak, Pero Ito Pa ang Iginanti Nito sa Kanya

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